The Importance for Tyre Retailers to Stock a Range of Wheel and Tyre Brands

We live in an age where almost everyone owns a car or some kind of vehicle. Whether it is a new car or an older version, we all require wheels and tyres. And this is a product that many people spend a lot of time looking for and comparing because there are so many different types of wheels and tyres on the market. For that main reason, it is very important for a tyre retailer to stock a variety of tyre brands. There are, however, many other reasons why a wheel and tyre retailer should stock a range of tyre brands.

These are the reasons why it is important for a wheel and tyre retailer to stock a wide range.
Each wheel and tyre brand offers its own purpose for your vehicle. Certain wheel brands are best suited for cars, while others are better for SUV's or trucks. Then there are other brands that can cater wheels suitable for passenger vehicles as well as for SUV's, such as Lenso Wheels. Lenso Wheels has a range of tyres that are manufactured to optimise your driving experience in your car plus it has another range that is best suited for SUV's. On the other hand, there are tyres that are manufactured for racing purposes. Wanli's brand include a range that are made for high performance vehicles. These tyres are made to endure extreme conditions especially during racing. And if they are suitable for racing conditions, they will be suitable for any condition that you drive in.

Just as the purpose is unique so are the styles of wheels and tyres. If you look at the range of wheels for Lenso Wheels, you find that their designs are different to that of Storm, Borghini and Scarlet Luxury Wheels. Each manufacturer has their own unique designs that customers may prefer to another. Some brands may design a style a more bold design that is usually preferred by men whereas there are other brands that have a more stylish design that is suited for both men and women. Keep in mind that your male and female customers have different preferences in the look of their cars. It is, therefore, imperative that you stock a variety of wheel designs so that you have a product that your customer will purchase.

As a wheel and tyre retailer that wants to be successful in this industry, you must cater for a broad market which includes that of male and female customers as well as passenger vehicle owners and SUV owners.
A1 Wheel and Tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehouse and distribution of wheels and tyres to the automotive fitment trade. The company has a well established operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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When and Why Would High Performance Tyres Be Needed

Before purchasing high performance tyres you will want to know why you would be compelled towards these tyres. Understanding the questions of what they are, who needs them and why there is a demand for them is what needs to be addressed. The superior benefits of high performance tyres are quite unique and that is what we will look at in this article.

The original draft of high performance tyre was extreme in nature in comparison to other usual passenger car tyres. It turned out to become an immediate breakthrough with admirers. Wheels and tyres, the right ones, are essential for every driver. The high performance tyre is finding their way to nearly all modern day cars. With their exceptional quality design automobile manufacturers soon appreciated how they intensified their vehicles in directions that had never been thought of before. At higher speeds the handling of your vehicle performs remarkably well. They corner better, they stop more effectively, the steering is improved.

Also, these tyres demonstrate to be significantly safer during a time of panic. Such as when controlling how you stop the car can mean life or death.

The correct wheels and tyres can make all the difference. The high performance wheels and tyres also work extremely well with the most modern anti-break lock technology. So you are assured of a safe driving experience at all times.

The correct wheel and tyre is crucial when you require the best performance and driving capabilities from your vehicle. At this point every manufacturer was anxious to gear their vehicles with the high performance tyres. The advantages of high performance tyres are great. You can be confident that there will be a lesser chance of a blow out when traveling on the highway driving higher speeds. The wheel and tyre will react and be considerably safer with today's ABS systems. The modern day sensitive steering and suspension method make these tyres a winning combination.

Currently, automobile manufacturers plan to improve the onboard vehicle computer operation. This includes that of the crucial tyre information which will take into account the factors such as height and rolling defense. Tyres have evolved into a very elaborate part of the vehicle, therefore performance tyres are not going anywhere. The consumer fully understands that these tyres are a decisive design criteria. That is why they prefer high performance tyres. It also helps that they are recommended for your vehicle by engineers.

A1 Wheel and Tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehouse and distribution of wheels and tyres to the automotive fitment trade. The company has a well established operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Different Car Accessories To Pump Up Your Ride

Cars are essentials to our daily lives; more so for people who have to travel to work. As cars are part of our daily lives, it can be tiresome to look at the same interior decor especially if one is stuck in traffic. That said, there are different car accessories that car owners can choose from to help them personalize their car's interior and exterior. An added bonus to making the car look aesthetically pleasing is that it can also add to the car's value as some of these accessories help protect from wear and tear. Below are just some accessories to help car owners prolong their vehicle's life as well as improve their daily commute.

Interior Accessories
Interior accessories are important as these help support the inside of the car and prolong its lifespan. Examples of interior accessories include seat covers to protect the seats from accidental spills and car mats to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. Car owners can just remove the covers without having to worry about stains in the seats. Mats are also easier to clean or replace when the time comes.

Steering wheel covers are also a necessity for people who have less gripping power as they can grip the wheel without having to worry about slipping. Some covers also have heating features making it ideal for winter driving. Sun shade covers are another must-have. As the sun's rays can blind a person, having a shade cover protects the person not only from the heat but also from being blinded by the sun while driving. Car owners have the option to choose from plastic screens to mattes to customized ones. Other interior accessories that you can add include TV screens for your passenger's entertainment. You can also add up other technology features to your car including Bluetooth and GPRS tracking system.

Exterior Accessories
As the exterior area is more prone to damage, care should also be given. Car covers not only protect the car from dirt, snow and grime, it also protects the car from scratches and other wear and tear conditions. Covers can be water-resistant, water proof or non-water resistant. Opt for covers that are breathable and fit best as a tight covering can cause scratches to the car.
Adding a rack at the back for bicycles, ski boards or surfboards also protects the car from scrapes and grazes. A rooftop luggage container is also essential for owners who like to travel and need more room space. The container not only holds the luggage securely, it also prevents the roof from being deformed.

Adding car accessories to your vehicle has its advantages; however some may be the cause of distraction and as such it is important to weigh one's needs against safety and avoid those that would just create diversions for the car driver.
Hello Kitty Road provides the latest car accessories for car enthusiasts. Visit the site today for the latest car parts, accessories and sets.
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The Different Types of Mag Wheels Available for Your Car

Mag wheels are lightweight rims for tyres that are to be placed on cars. Mags are made of magnesium, that's where the word mag comes from.They are originally made for racing because they were lightweight enough for fast driving. However, mag wheels have found a place on the consumer market as a way for car enthusiasts to enhance the appearance of their favourite show car.
The term "mag wheel" has now been expanded by car enthusiasts to only use wheels that are made of aluminum. There are different types of rims available for all cars, bakkies, SUV's and even 4x4 vehicles. You can choose a mag in different sizes. The mags normally goes onto the tyre and onto your car. The wheel retailers will help you do this. You can choose your mags from chrome, to a painted or polished finish.

There are a variety of mags available from drop rims to spoke wheels. These are mags that young men normally put onto their cars for drag racing or just to impress their friends. A drop rim is a style of mag that has the center of the wheel dropped towards the axle of the car. This type of mag will come with a five or six lug nut attachment to the car. Keep in mind that drop rims are very hard to clean as the indented design of the wall of the rim can cause the mag to collect all kinds of dirt.
Then there is the back angle wheel mag which comes in a variety of shapes. One with just a few spokes like three or four and then another with so much, like ten or twenty. These would require so much attention when cleaning. These mags are also available in black and silver. If you need a more colourful mag wheel then you should think about the BSX Mirror Lip and the VN range. This mag comes in orange, gold, silver polish, silver and black. Most young people use these on their cars.
For your SUV you can consider taking the Intimidator 7 which comes in colors matt black, red and spark black. You can also choose between RTC's, RTE's and the TD 1GD and TD 1HS; these are just to name a few amongst many. If you own a 4x4 then the IN range are ideal which are available in black or black and silver. The RT 7's are also a great choice for 4x4 vehicles. These mag wheels can be bought in sizes from 13 inches up to an 18 inch. Remember the choice is yours and you can choose the best mag wheel for your car
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What Are the Benefits of Nexen Tyres?

They are so many wheels and tyres to choose from. How does a person choose, especially if you want the best for your vehicle? To answer that question it's good to weigh the benefits of certain brands of wheels or tyres. In this article I want to focus on the benefits of Nexen tyres and what they can offer for your vehicle.

Nexen tyres have been around for decades and have built a good reputation for the quality of tyres that they produce. They are manufacture and design their products to enhance the drivability of your car or SUV. They aim to ultimately enhance your car's driving performance with quality tyres.
Nexen tyres are so durable that they are able to withstand the impact of a pothole. At some point in our driving adventures, we've all been victim to those dreaded potholes. These tyres are manufactured with potholes in mind and should not damage when you hit one. If you do so, you can take advantage of Nexen's pothole guarantee on certain of their tyres. In addition, there is also a mileage warranty. You can rest assured that you are getting tyres that will take care of you in the long run. After all, besides driving performance, your safety is very important. If your wheels and tyres get damaged while you are driving, this can affect yourself, your passengers and other road users. That is why Nexen invests a lot of time and effort in the manufacturing and design of their products.

These tyres are engineered to drive in all weather conditions. If you find yourself driving on the highway during a rain storm, you can be assured that they will grip the road firmly in the wetness. If the road is hot and dry, it will remain firm and steady on the road. It is necessary to have wheels and tyres that can handle different weather conditions because the every driver experiences it all.
These tyres must have something special if they are the chosen brand of tyres for vehicle makes such as Volkswagen, Chrysler, Fiat, Seat, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong, Renault, Chevrolet and GM. Nexen tyres are suitable for most passenger vehicles and SUV's. This benefits most drivers because whichever vehicle you choose there is a suitable Nexen tyre.
These are the main benefits for your vehicle so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.
Minty's is amongst the leading tyre suppliers in South Africa, and is recognized for our high standard of customer service. We have built a reputation amongst our customers and ensure that they receive tyres and alloy wheels of the highest quality, amongst the largest brands nationwide.
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What Are the Advantages of Using Lenso Wheels?

Lenso wheels are a division of Lenso Wheel Company. The company was discovered by Napporn Virapon in 1990. Prior to Virapon's company, Lenso was formally known as Car Image Company. Lenso produces a fine line of quality wheels for passenger cars, SUV's and other types of vehicles. Wheels and tyres add a great deal of value to almost any vehicle. They give a vehicle style and a touch of class.

All Lenso products are manufactured under the Lenso-rsquo Trademark so here are the reasons why they are advantageous products. The company manufactures high quality alloy wheels with exceptional design and sturdy rim construction. The wheels are attractive and they are certainly built to last over a long period of time. Weather conditions can cause wheels to become tarnished and scratched. However, all Lenso products are well made so that they resist any strain from weather conditions and climate changes.

Lenso products can be higher priced that most competitors. However, the cost of these wheels are well worth it. For example, the Lenso Silver Rim 280, BSX-19 wheels are made with high polished steel which only adds to the attractive design.

Lenso also makes the wheel called EX-20 with black centre which will certainly make any vehicle stand out within the crowd. This wheel model is high polished and will certainly add a touch of class to any vehicle. Keep in mind you will not find quality of this nature anywhere else. This is what sets Lenso aside from all other manufacturers.

Possibly the most reasonable wheel Lenso can offer is the Lenso DIR- Hyper Silver 220. The DIR-220 has an attractive exterior look which is important to many.

All Lenso products are of the finest quality. That means that quality is the main factor behind everything that they produce. The Lenso Alloy wheels are used frequently with racing type cars. These alloy wheels are constructed to withstand excessive speeds and they are quite attractive. When it comes to racing, the wheel and tyre are two very important parts of any competing vehicle.
Lenso pays close attention to detail especially when it pertains to the rim construction. Rim construction is of critical importance especially when a vehicle will be on the road the majority of time. The rims have to be sturdy, strong and durable for long driving distances. Lenso Wheels are the leader in their industry so contact your local wheel and tyre retailer to view the range available.
A1 Wheel and Tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehouse and distribution of wheels and tyres to the automotive fitment trade. The company has a well established operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Proton Iriz vs. Proton Irox Concept

Proton Iriz vs. Proton Irox Concept

What people says:

“This car is designed as an apology for Malaysian, after producing inferior products for the people. And now to correct this, we’re presenting you our new car that’ll meet all your expectations. Introducing the all new, Proton XORI"

Very imaginative, thumbs up.
Perhaps you can come up with some innovative design to make the rear view of our Iriz better. The front and side are cantiq, especially in blue colour.
It is definitely a good idea to produce a crossover Iriz for the lower income group who need higher ground clearance vehicles. The ground clearance can be made 5cm higher with wider treads, wider tyres and thicker tyres with R17 alloy. I am sure you can do that Proton. Price should be around RM70K with 6 airbags + ESP.

VW has a concept named IROC. So i dont think Proton will be stupid enough to use IROX as this may lead to a very lenghty court battle.

Someone in Proton, please hire this guy immediately for future car designs. This rendering is excellently done.

Proton Iriz Active 

What people says:

Nice looks and design In and Out … interior infotainment so large like the new Volvo ..
actually longer than volvo … simple yet elegance

Here our big YES for you Proton. You’ve got our approval. Proceed!!

This look stunning, nice Proton please just release it now.
Yes, at last Proton showing some spark of life! Come out with exciting designs like how the koreans are doing, lousy engine never mind, can improve once you have attracted a larger customer base and have more money for engine development or just collaborate like how Nissan/Renault & MercBenz are doing. Proton needs to show better design first, if desperate can hire top designers like how Kia had done, (we can afford to pay expats instead of locals anyway..perli a bit!).
See how Hyundai and Kia have captured the world market with their design, nobody cares if their engine is crap and thirsty with no power, all they remember is design, price and specs!


Piggyback ECU for Proton Car

Piggyback ECU is an additional ECU use to extend some limitations of factory setting ECU. Thus, the piggyback ECU has to be physically wired to main ECU/factory ECU. It allows user to modify stock fuel injection without replacing the entire ECU. They operate in various ways. Some of them modify the injector duty cycle control signals as they travel from the ECU to the injectors. Others modify input data to the ECU (like MAF for example), effectively “tricking” the ECU into delivering more or less fuel at a given RPM. Regardless of how exactly the piggy-back works, you’ll want to measure the results of any modifications you make to your fueling map. 

I came across to this article, a simple explanation how the piggyback ecu works at ::-

Piggyback ECU

Piggyback ECU’s are wired to work with the factory ECU. Many times people ask: “Do I have a stand-alone or a piggy back?” We can answer that question really easily with another question. Is the factory ECU still in the car controlling some part of the motor? If the answer is Yes, than you have a piggyback.
There are two types of logics when it comes to piggy back ECU’s:
1. Intercept the signal from the sensors before the factory ECU, and modify those signals so the stock ECU is “tricked” into making the vehicle behave the way you want. For example, if you want the ECU to add more fueling, you would intercept the O2 sensor wire before the factory ECU “saw” that signal and modify it to make the ECU THINK that it is running lean causing the factory ECU to add fuel. Another method is to intercept the Maf sensor and tell the ECU there is more air going into the motor than there really is. Again, this would make the factory ECU compensate for the extra air coming in and add fueling.
2. The second method is POST ECU manipulation. Some piggy back ECU’s will modify the signal after it has left the stock ECU. Example. The piggy back will wire into the fuel injectors after the stock ECU so that you can add or take away fuel by either raising or lowering the injection time. This way the stock ECU is seeing all of the sensors information in real time but technically doesn’t have any control of the fueling that is ACTUALLY going to the fuel injectors.
Things can really get complicated when you realize that some signal wires have to be intercepted and modified before the ECU and some after the ECU. And some cars will work better using one method than the other. Figuring out the best set-up for your particular vehicle can be a never ending process. Hopefully you have a little understanding now of how a piggy back ECU works, so lets talk about the Pro’s and Con’s.
Pro’s of piggy back ECU’s:
1. Can be easier to set-up and tune. We will be putting this as a con as well because they can also be very difficult to set-up and tune depending on how hard the stock ECU fights you when you try and make adjustments or the wiring and manipulation you must do to get the factory ECU to do what you want.
2. Will retain OBD-II compliance. With the factory ECU in the vehicle functioning as it normally would, the car will still be able to communicate through the OBD-II port allowing you to pass emissions, scan for codes and problems, and use the port to run OBD-II gauges.
3. Cost. Piggy backs are usually a third if not a quarter of the cost of a full stand-alone ECU.
4. Full compliance with all sensors and gauges in the factory dash. With no modifications necessary to the factory ECU or sensors, everything will still work just as it normally would.
Con’s of Piggyback ECU
1. Tuning. Some factory ECU’s can be next to impossible to use a piggy back ECU on. No matter how you try and trick them into doing what you want, they are too adaptive or too sensitive. Many times you will get the map right where you want it, and the ECU will “learn” and change so that the perfect map you just had, is now a map ready to cause catastrophic engine failure. Other times the car will run great, but the ECU will know something is not right and pop the check engine light on you, making the vehicle not emissions compliant. The list could go on. While on paper the piggyback sounds like a great idea, the reality is it just doesn’t work for every vehicle platform.
2. Can only control so much. When you don’t have the ability to actually change the fueling or timing of a car, you can only manipulate what you’re working with so much. This is why you will often read about how a piggy back ECU can only tune up to 500cc injectors, or is only good for 400 HP on a given engine, or you are fine as long as you keep the boost under 18 psi. We’re just making up numbers there, but you get the idea. You are working inside the parameters of something that was set from the factory and it can only be “TRICKED” to work so much.
3. Wiring. Usually you are intercepting signal wires or ECU wires, and because of this you will have to cut and modify your factory engine harness. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just remember that things change, and in the future you may want to bail that piggyback and move to a full stand-alone. Having a hacked up ECU harness could lead to a messy situation.

What Warning Indicators are for? - Proton Cars and others

 I am trying to understand all indicators on the dashboard of my Proton car. It turns out different manufacturer will use different indicator to the driver. One of very useful ink What warning  lights are for? teach us each indicator represents for.

If you are looking a more comprehensive article detailing all indicator with different car manufacturers  vehicle warning lights. gives useful insight.

Now, you can make full use of all indicator in your cars.

Vehicle Warning Lights

Perodua Kancil

Is a Perodua Kancil...Fully Customised Wide-bodykit... *Not Proton Kancil.The car has a fresh look but somehow seemed that the owner has dramatic imagination.

Singaporean touch

Da whole car is Proton Wira Aeroback...front using Honda Accord headlite, the back side i dunno wat dat guy did...the whole car was fully-customised bodykit...Tell u guys frankly..Dat car was F**kin' LAME!!!!mannn singaporean!!

Wira Modified Model

This original wira was converted cosmetically not the engine,,fuhh,,think of transfomers,,anyway,,very creative

Top Class,,ye babe,,yeah

Another futuristic imagination by malaysia,,'pimp my ride' malaysia edition..

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