Perodua MPV- latest updates on dyno

Perodua will be launching the new Perodua MPV/SUV very soon. I just got some sneak preview of the latest Perodua MPV , latest updates. Well, designwise, it is ok,,quite ok, and very nice though.The Perodua MPV will be based on the Toyota Passo Sette(also known as the Daihatsu Boon Luminas) and has been called the codename Perodua D46T for the development stage.

Perodua MPV Test Drive Unit

But, unlike any other MPVs, this Perodua MPV is just like Proton Exora. But accoding to Perodua’s head honcho Datuk Syed Hafiz has stated repeatedly to the mainstream media that the new Perodua D46T MPV is positioned mainly as a car with a large boot instead of an MPV (I believe the proper term for that is wagon). They won’t be trying to go head to head against the Exora or other MPVs, or at least that’s what they are saying now in the interviews that you see in the mainstream media every month.

It will be based on the recently announced new Indonesian-based MPV model that was announced in March this year and is currently still under development by Toyota and Daihatsu. Perodua will apply its own styling onto the model. The upcoming Perodua MPV is still pretty far off, set to roll off the production lines only in September 2009, but here is a rendered speculation by Theophilus Chin of how it will might look like. Based on an existing Toyota compact MPV, the styling for this three row MPV rendering is largely based off the Perodua Viva.

The timing for Perodua could not be any worse. After the launch of Exora, the only marketing maneuver option for P2 is to lower (significantly) on the road price of their MPV.

Perodua Kancil

Is a Perodua Kancil...Fully Customised Wide-bodykit... *Not Proton Kancil.The car has a fresh look but somehow seemed that the owner has dramatic imagination.

Singaporean touch

Da whole car is Proton Wira Aeroback...front using Honda Accord headlite, the back side i dunno wat dat guy did...the whole car was fully-customised bodykit...Tell u guys frankly..Dat car was F**kin' LAME!!!!mannn singaporean!!

Wira Modified Model

This original wira was converted cosmetically not the engine,,fuhh,,think of transfomers,,anyway,,very creative

Top Class,,ye babe,,yeah

Another futuristic imagination by malaysia,,'pimp my ride' malaysia edition..

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