Proton MPV/SUV-latest updates

Proton MPV/SUV-latest updates: Another thing confirmed is the new mpv wont be the same as the Lotus APX as the design is actually another concept car from Proton named Proton MSX which is actually the LOTUS APX itself. The proton MSX is a 7 seater SUV concept car powered by a 3.0 liter V6 engine.

As Proton said,the purpose of the PROTON MSX is to produce a high technology 'Jekyll & Hyde' dual image, high performance crossover.It is actually a technology showcase of aluminiun adaptable platform,ride & handling,engine power and crossover functions of suv and sports car. The target user group of the PROTON MSX is for successful professionals with young-at-heart lifestyle.The typical usage of the mpv is for leisure and work.And to attract all the businessmen, corporate leaders or celebrities,they had emphasize on 6 different aspect of the car which is the style,the engine and performance,the technology behind it,the ride and handling,the quality and also the ride comfort.

With only a Naturally Aspirated 3.0 V6 engine,They had manage to churned out a hefty 224KW of power and 360Nm of torque.With a 0-100 time of 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 250kmh, the proton already beaten up some of the top notch SUV such as the Porsche Cayenne S,BMW X6 35i and the Nissan Murano. The Technical Specification Of the SUV ENGINE : 3.0L V6 MAX POWER : 224kW MAX TORQUE : 360Nm TRANSMISSION : 6 M/T LENGTH :4,697mm WIDTH : 1,852mm HEIGHT : 1,750mm WHEELBASE : 2700mm KERB WEIGHT : 1,570kg 0-100km/h : 5.9sec TOP SPEED : 250km/h

Perodua Kancil

Is a Perodua Kancil...Fully Customised Wide-bodykit... *Not Proton Kancil.The car has a fresh look but somehow seemed that the owner has dramatic imagination.

Singaporean touch

Da whole car is Proton Wira Aeroback...front using Honda Accord headlite, the back side i dunno wat dat guy did...the whole car was fully-customised bodykit...Tell u guys frankly..Dat car was F**kin' LAME!!!!mannn singaporean!!

Wira Modified Model

This original wira was converted cosmetically not the engine,,fuhh,,think of transfomers,,anyway,,very creative

Top Class,,ye babe,,yeah

Another futuristic imagination by malaysia,,'pimp my ride' malaysia edition..

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